My Name is Anna-Cécile Zauchner, and I am a Yoga Instructor based in Vienna, Austria.

I offer colorful Vinyasa classes that create space for transformation and nourishing movement. To taste a little of the the variety of Yoga and deeper healing they include Breathing exercises, Bandhas, Mantras and Sounds. As well you will find elements from the traditions of Asthanga and Iyengar Yoga mixed with intuitive and explorational movements and fun.




Hatha Yoga Every Wednesday 17:30-19:00 @Freiraum 
  Hatha Yoga sanft every Monday last time July 13th 2020 15:30-17:00 @Freiraum
Mama-Baby Yoga  every Monday 13:00-14:30 @Freiraum 

17.9. 2020 – Free Trial MamaBaby Yoga 10:00 – 11:00 @VHS Alsergrund 

17.9. 2020 – Free Trial Yoga Fokus Beckenboden 11:15-12:15 @VHS Alsergrund
(Im Rahmen vom Tag der Bildung)

ab 20.7.2020 –Pregnancy Yoga every Monday 15.30-17:00 @Freiraum
ab 14.9.2020 –Vinyasa Flow every Monday 18:30-20.00 @UAB Sportunion
 ab 22.9. 2020 – MamaBaby Yoga every Tuesday 10:15 – 11:30 @VHS Alsergrund
ab 22.9. 2020 – Yoga mit Fokus Beckenboden every Tuesday 11:45- 13:00 @VHS Alsergrund


If you have any questions on joining my classes, events or you want to book me for a private session, I would be very happy if you send me an email!

info at



The first time I practiced Yoga, was a Hatha Yoga Class in a basement, I was about 13 years old, and I found it somehow boring and exhausting at the same time. Many years would pass, without any yogic approach and searching for happiness and pleasure on the outside by crossing many lines and oceans. At the end of my teens, I was very much into how I look and at the same time dealing with depressions, addictions and Food Disorders so I thought Yoga would be a great idea to get into a fitter and happier body. The thought came into action, but the result turned out to be a beginning of a journey back into my body and to myself. As it started to evolve, life started to change; not just the relationship to myself also relationships to other people, animals, plants, and food started to swift. Until now Yoga helps me to see things more clearly and conscious and accept things as they are in their own nature. Yoga for me is not just a gateway to happiness it also a gateway into all ranges of my emotions which doesn’t always feel relaxing or smooth. But at the same time Yoga offers so many tools for healing and clearing all of these ‘shadows’ and to deal with them in a more constructive way. As for now, I’ve learned to invite them and literally ‘sit’ with them, which makes it easier to let them go.

As Yoga is something that should be taught by a teacher, I want to mention some of the teachers that keep inspiring me and that I’m very thankful for: Romana and Sascha Delberg, Christa Heitzmann,Tina Nirtl, Boomaji Chaitanya, Paul Dallaghan, Arielle Nash, Angela Farmer, Danny Paradise, Damien de Bastier, Jo Tastula, Paulo Zardo (Reiki ), Antonio (Shamanism), Priscila Niedbalka and the community of Flor da Montanha,..

AND my daughter, partner, family, friends and dogs as they remind me every single day that the real Yoga practice begins off the mat.